just a few questions

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ok heres the deal im gona trubo the b16 in my crx but im having a few problems about what is all needed. so i have a few questions and what not. i hear that u need to build up the motor(like dropping the compression,new sleaves,block gard ect.) befor putting the turbo and what not on to it. is this true or do i not have to change internals to turbo it. also what all do i need for a trubo kit to work with no problems what sort.
Originally posted by drpenguin@Aug 15 2005, 04:04 PM
You dont have to change the internals if you get it tuned right and dont put too much boost in it. should run fine on 8psi
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I've always heared the same, if you are going to run 8 psi or less, leave it stock.
i agree and disagree....

you will get tired of the power 8 psi gives you in less than 3 months.....then you will want more.....so then you buy a boost controller and blow up the engine...

i would buy forged piston/rods (9.8:1) and then boost the ride....

better safe than sorry
fuck 8 psi. I'm running 12 psi on my B16A with stock internals all day long with noproblems besides a slipping clutch. That will be changed soon. Feel free to AIM me with all your questions.... ccdamanison. My setup is in my 91 crx si.