just bought 88 ef

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hey everyone, im new to hondas i drive an srt-4 and im pretty good at the mechanical sidei just bought an 88 ef shell, and i have a 99 d16 motor with tranny and im wondering wat i need to do with the wiring harness to make this motor workcan i use the one in there or should i get one from a 99 civic, its a hydro tranny and i have cable shift linkage so im assuming it wont work with the hydro tranny and fr the axles which axles do i need to buy and then i know i need a p28 for the ecu but as far as the gauge cluster will that need to be changed? thanks
im seeing alot of conversions that have to be done to the wiring harness to run the 99 sohc vtec motor, it seems like it would be easier to just run a 99 harness is that possible