just bought 93 civic hatch

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the car was $400. the guy told me that I need to replace the head gasket. what should I do? should I just replace the gasket, or replace the gasket and get the head machined, or should I get a rebuilt cylinder head and replace the gasket? also, what other mods can I do to the stock engine while it is apart that aren't too much money?
What type of motor? If it's not a hi-performance machine, don't worry about machining. Just get a good OEM headgasket. The only reason for machining the head would probably be if you changed something with the block, or the compression.
I'd take the head to a machine shop (since it's off anyway) and see if it's warped. Sometimes they can warp if the head gasket is blown. If so, the machine shop can just mill it for you. If not, just replace the gasket.
you dont have to take the head to a machine shop to see if its warped you can do it yourself. get a straight edge metal ruler, lay it across the head 2 different ways - , \ , / ... holding a flash light to see if lights shines through from behind, if it does, its warped. then you take it to a machine shop to have it milled. good luck.