Just bought a 00 civic with a gsr swap....

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ok heres my problem, i just bought a 00 civic 4door with a gsr swap, it is a B18C1 block, P72-2 head, itr intake,obd1 P28 ecu chipped and socketed,apexi vtec controller . it does have a obd2 to obd1 conversation wiring harness. i dont know what year anything is. i want to do a tune up and buy morre parts for her but dont really know what years to look them up for. I need help!
buy them for any b18c1 (94-01 GSRs) .. they're all the same.. and i'm almost positive it doesnt have an ITR intake, the bolt pattern is different from the GSR.. probably Skunk2 or BLOX
thanks for the reply and your probably right cause i know nothing of this car and the guy that i bought it told me it had a type r motor in it and when i went to look at it i seen the b18c1 on the block. then he told me that the internals were type r so i dont trust his word. i did buy a cap for it. i had the part guy look up a 98 gsr and the cap was big on it, so i dont know if they changed the dizzy
i bought a cap the other day and the parts guy looke d it up for a 98 gsr and the cap was a bit big
i dunno... i know when i still had my eg w/ b16 i went to buy a cap and it was too small, so i'm assuming they used a GSR or Type r dizzy.. i never got the gsr cap to see if it fit
well i went and bought a cap for a the stock d16 and it fit like a glove, the cap from my stock 00 civic(d16) is the same as the b16 si cap. thanks for your help