Just Fyi About Lack Of Vtp On Type R Engines

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This is just some little know information about what to do when you get a Type R swap(B16B, B18C5, H22A-R, F20B, etc). These engines have VTEC but don't have a VTEC oil pressure switch. If you use the ECU that came with the engine, then you're golden. However, if you're like me and you use a different ecu with Hondata, you'll need to do a little wiring trick to get VTEC working properly and to get the code 22 gone.

Since these engines have no VTP(vtec oil pressure switch) then it'll throw a code 22 on your ecu causing VTEC to not work at all. Some have said just shunt the plug for it or ground the bwn/blk wires... that can be damaging to your ecu.

I've found through research that simply running a jumper wire from pin D6 to A4(OBDI) that will fix everything. What you're doing is hooking up the VTEC oil pressure switch signal input on the ecu to the VTEC solenoid output wire on the ECU, this way everything happens at the same time digitally instead of mechanically. No codes, and vtec works perfectly. I just thought I'd post that and let you all know.


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WHOA! Thank you, I will be hopefully running a type r at the end of the summer and i might not be able to use the type r ecu.


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i just swapped the whole VTEC switch/solenoid assembly off of my D16Z6 onto the B18C/R works perfectly :)