Just my luck...

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Tonight after I got off work I decided to finally take off my snow tires and throw the fat 5's back on. I start at the drivers side front and work my way around ending with the passenger side front, as I pulled off the last wheel I notice some oily looking shit on my fender liner only to discover my CV boot ripped in half. It must've just happened today on my 2 mile drive home for lunch because prior to this I hadn't noticed any clicking, noise, grease etc. I finish zipping on the lugs and head down the hill to NAPA who closed 15 minutes before I got there. Next up... Advance Auto parts. As expected, they don't have the axle in stock and I have to wait til noon tomorrow to get it. I took off Thursday and Friday so I could go back to WI to see a friend who is moving. Now I'm out 50 bucks, 6 hours behind my ETA, and out a night of boozin wth buddies. <_<


Advance NEVER has axles in stock. Same thing happened to me... had to wait 24 hours for the axle to get shipped.

Personally, I'd drive on it to go boozing... it's only gonna click a bit and hey, you're replacing it aren't ya?


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Nah it hums pretty bad, I was thinking of just driving to WI and doing it there but it woud've been risky.


good thing you caught it!! did ya try at Auto Zone for the axle?

and hell, being out 60 bucks gives ya more of an excuse to drink when you go visit your buddies.


You can drive for years on clicking axles and not even worry about it. My brothers car went 50k with clicking axles. Its annoying to listen to but until you can feel them getting real bad you are fine.