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Sup, uh..i've been to this site many times and registered and I read over the forum sometimes. I'm into imports but I'm kinda a n00b (or teenybopper, whatever) into this since I don't even know how to drive yet. First time posting. I just got a question.

I notice theres alot of catback exhaust system brands out there that make exhausts for cars. Such as Apexi N1, OBX, and the 5zigen. I'm just wondering whats the difference between something expensive and something not.

uh...letsay a WRX with a 3in diameter exhaust from 5zigen. And a cheaper one from Ractive was both put on. Is there a major difference??

Cuz if you compare prices between them it's kinda high. I thought it really didn't matter as long as it gave a bigger hole that helps air flow. Would something from Blitz or Apexi work the same as OBX or Ractive?
Most cheap shit isnt worth it. It looks and sounds gay, and will wear out faster. Dont be a cheap ass, spend the extra money and have a product that you are proud to own.
First, don't belive everything you read. That being said Import 2R does dyno testing every month where they show what they have found to be the best for various parts in various applications. Generally, what you pay for is what you get. So long as your buying from a reputable brand.
It also has to do with materials that they use. Some companys will use crappy materials and will rust like crazy in a month (looks like crap) Also the cheaper stuff tends to wear out faster. Finally if you buy from a crap brand (obx or Reactive or however you sp it) it is going to sound like that "ricer tone" aka a bumble bee on crack. I was reading one of the :ghey: tuner mags and they had a muffler that had a turbine built into it for that "turbo" sound. Those kind of things are just gemick shit and try to capitolize on the current trends (aka, any brand that made Altezzas and 343x deck spoilers after FNF)
Originally posted by tai-mai-shu@Jan 3 2003, 08:38 AM
Hm...alright, thanks.

aka, any brand that made Altezzas and 343x deck spoilers after FNF

= APC.

More detail...

The more reputable brands typically have more engineering put into their designs- the cheap brands usually just make an exhaust system so it'll fit in the stock location and have a constant diameter mandrel bend setup. With real deisgn time, flow testing, varying diameters and proper bend angles to promote exhaust scavenging- the higher end stuff actually will perform better. How much better? Maybe not significant enough for you to justify the extra $200-300 spent... tons of people just go out and get custom pipes bent to fit the car at exhaust shops and bolt up their muffler of choice, and they still flow fairly well.

Other factors that have been mentioned already- build quality and quality of materials. I've seen cheap exhaust systems fall apart and rust to pieces on a car, while my Greddy Evo has stood up to the last 43k miles of hard beating, and it still looks new. The sound is a major factor as well. As much as most of here consider ourselves performance junkies with no regards to cosmetics/appearance, none of us wants to sound like a tin can ratting around. The resonators (if they even have any) and muffler designs of a lot of the cheapo systems are just there "to be there" and not manufactured in a way that makes a nice deep growl. Me- I will never drive a tin can sounding car. It's just embarrassing.