k20 into automatic 4 dr civic

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whats up lookin to get as much info on whats needed to swap a k20 into my 98 lx 4 dr automatic civic. im lookin to get it from hmotors they supply pretty much everything with the swap. what else is needed and is there any other parts needed???? :ph34r: :worthy:
Originally posted by hybrid-racing.com
The following products are needed to complete a full K Series motor swap.

K series motor/tranny/ECU
K series engine harness
K series charging harness
Hybrid Racing motor mounts
Hybrid Racing conversion harness
Hybrid Racing axles in appropriate stage
P# CAS1/2/3 EG/EK/DC
Hybrid Racing clutch line
P# CLU01
Hybrid Racing radiator package
B/D series coolant temp sensor and fan switch
Hybrid Racing fuel rail
P# FUR01
Universal Fuel Pressure regulator
Custom Fit Fuel lines
OEM RSX shifter Box or Modified Accord shifter box
RSX Shifter Cables
Shifter linkage Clips
Aftermarket intake
Aftermarket Header
Custom Mid Pipe
Throttle cable for your application
EP3 pulley and belt (if retaining AC and OEM belt)

plus whatever else you need for an auto -> manual swap. search first next time.