k20z3 valve train question

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Ok so I know that the k20z3 came with single valve springs and since I live in the high rpm area(5000-8000). I was planning to swap to dual springs. But with more and more research I do. I keep finding info about on the k20 dropping valves due to uses of incorrect valve keepers/cotters. I know I would have to change out the seats and spring base to the dual if I do this conversion.My questions are ..
1. What type of keepers/cotters do i need?
2. Will the valve keepers/cotters off the 2002 rsx type s work on the 06-11 K20Z3?
3. what would be a good brand of valve springs to go with?
4. Can I just swap to the 02 rsx type s dual valve springs,retainers, spring bases and keepers?


Honda Minion
On the stock rev limiter (or even a few hundred rpm's more)....those springs should be fine. In terms of retainers....OEM is my preference. I am not sure if they are single springs but I will take your word for it.

I wouldn't think you need something like 95lb rated Valve Springs unless you had aftrermarket camshafts with considerable lift (any non DIC camshaft).

Stock Cams...stock ECU....no problem. You shouldn't exprience any valve float under Honda's stock parameters.

K20A2 valve stuff can be swapped over.....but Type R stuff would be more preferable.


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The main reason I want to sway is because. I'm pretty sure my valves are shot or at least something in my topend has gone bad. My k20z3 in my si is making a loud tapping noise when I start the car after it has been sitting over an hour.