k24z vs k24a confusion

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Alright, so I'm in the beginning stages of putting a k24/k20 mounted to an s2k trans in my '87 RX7. I came across a K24Z2 with a bad cam, offered the guy $100 bucks and a deal was done. Since the motor was stripped of bits like the alternator, sensors, etc. I was going to use this motor as a mockup to mount to the s2k trans so I could fabricate the motor/trans mounts, then source a complete k24 to use in the car while I rebuild/upgrade the $100 motor. While browsing the different sites for parts I was looking at the K-tuned water pump plate to be used with an electric water pump and noticed it specified NOT for K24Z and K24Y blocks. Out of curiosity I emailed K-tuned asking why it is not compatible and if there are any other major differences when it comes to the K24Z block compared to the K24A block that will cause me issues down the road. K-tuned replied saying there are numerous differences between the K24A and the K24Z and I should just source a K24A. I replied back saying "yea, but I can still use this block for mock up for the motor mount fabrication right?" K-tuned replied with "Unfortunately the mounting points on a K24Z are completely different, you will need a K24A for your swap."

I was really surprised, I spent the past 2 weeks researching the K24 motors and the differences and the only things I could find was the heads, stamped steel vs aluminum oil pans, compression ratios, and oil filter location. I was going to use a k20 head anyways, change over to a steel pan, and I could relocate the oil filter. From everything I read everything else was the same on K24 blocks, the last thing I was expecting was motor mount points being in completely different locations.

I'm not too disappointed if what I got won't work considering it was only $100, now I'm just wondering what information did I miss. I looked through all the forums stickies, used the search on multiple forums, dug deep into google and not once did I see any mention of all these differences most of all the motor mount points on the block. So can any members shed some light on this? I don't have any reason to doubt what I got from K-tuned, but even when I search sites like Hasport, the k series swap mount kits don't specify what K series so that led me to assume that the mount points on the k series were the same. So just a bit confused on what my next step should be.

Im not super kseries savvy but resell the bad cam motor and get your money back, there are very many different k24 motors they have been making them for the better part of 20yrs now across multiple chassis
Welcome to Hondaswap and post up your ride man !

Thanks, I'll start posting once I start digging into it. I just picked up the rx7 body a few weeks ago and now I'm in the process of getting all the drivetrain together.

I'm just surprised I didn't come across the different motor mount locations info anywhere. I found lists all over the place laying out the different heads, different compression ratios, different style intakes, oil pumps, oil pans..... and nothing anywhere said anything about different mount locations.
Yeah because they put the K motor in literally everything for 16, almost 17 years (2001-present) its not like B or D series where the motors kind of did a specific thing and therefore were all similar. Have you thought about finding a K24A, taking some pictures, and comparing it to the K20Z? Sometimes the "eye test" is more reliable than heresay. Good luck on the build, keep us updated.