keyless entry help/info.

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Ive read until im blue in the face lol, every time my question is about to get answered the thread dies lol, but anyways I have a 00 civic hatch dx, Ive swapped out the doors with some ex power doors along with floor harness,I would like the original key fob to unlock the power doors, I know to do this you need the module in the driver kick panel and you should also swap the dash harness out, my question. is there a way I can just splice in the factory door lock module/keyless entry,to the dx harness instead of changing the entire dash harness out. thanks for your time.


is it possible, yes probably...
but you better be good at reading wiring diagrams.
probably take less time and energy to just change out the dash harness. they were a pain in the ass to remove, but probably not any worse than trying to wire a car's door lock system from scratch