Kill Story / LMAO Story

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In my own little world!
So the wife and I are going to our local SCCV meeting tonight. Driving along at 50mph not in any rush. come up on a Van and a Nissan Altima doing about 44mph... The Nissan pulls ahead of the van I want to say about 8 car lengths as we drive. I decide to pass the van, mind you im in a 2010 Carrolla S 5spd Bone stock. Van lets me by no issue, I cruise along for about 1/2 mile longer with the Nissan getting closer and closer and when I get with in about 2 car leangths he takes off... No issues I'll just fallow and wait for him to A. Wreck or B. Find a cop.

The funny part is he is spinning his tires on most of the corners, cutting across yellow lines and breaking like a Newb at an Auto X event. He almost losses the car 3-4 times.... mean while im a good distance back just fallowing staying with in the lines, not as much as a peep from the Fusion tires that are 4/32nds haha...

So I fallow him for about a mile, he goes up a hill like a raped ape, I look at my wife and say, well there is a strait away over this hill.... she said sure... 3rd into 4th before the hill and then going down the hill... Rolla hits shut off, just in time to fly passed the what looked to be 19 year old kid in dads car....

Flips me the bird because he just got smoked by our family car and well I safely navigated the roads......

My point is I believe everyone should take some auto x lessons and improve there driving... my fun kill story of the night....

Oh yes he did try to catch me, but I guess 170hp vs my 130 with 2 people was to much for the CVT haha
This is almost as exciting as me racing my buddys 2500 duramax with my xterra. Slow vs slower, both auto, guess who won?
I would have to say proably the Duramax.... if it didn't then its not modified considering Buddie has one here, and it smokes a stock Evo all day long
The big chevy has intake, exhaust, and tuner, and a big ass lift and tires that slow it down im sure... it runs low 17s in the quarter. My xterra has an intake on it, and runs mid 15s.