Killer Cheap Hybrid Garage Sale!!

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I am selling the following parts left over from my Ls/Vtec swap plus more. If you're interested please email me @

-2001 Integra B18b Head COMPLETE w/ Port Matched Intake Manifold by Rogers Automotive Vaccuum & Pressure Tested (MINT!) $450

-1998 D16 SOHC VTEC Head$200

-JDM B16a Exhaust Manifold$75

-1999 B18b Cams & Valvetrain $150

-D15 Block (Great for Mini-Me Swaps) $250

-1998 70mm Ported ITR Throttlebody (Great Deal for Great Port Work!) $150

-OBDII P73 ITR ECU (Awesome Deal!) $175

-1998 Spec ITR Injectors $80

-JDM OBDI VTEC Wiring Harness Complete with Alternator $75



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:lol: LOL two things

1. I really wouldn't call these "ulta cheap"

2. This is hondaswap, you don't need to bump your thread every minute, or even every 10 lol.

Now seriously though,

any pics of the TB?


Can you send me a pic of the header? Also whats the difference between a stock b16 & b18b1 header?