Kinda Curious:How can you tell if a motor is blow?

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i recently bought a H22A1 motor from LA, CA and had it shipped up here
the guy told me his friend got rear ended decided to sell the motor
said his buddy kept good care of it up till the accident
the dude i bought it from was very helpful, got in contact a lot, and has a good ebay rating
i got a motor tranny ecu, fuel rail and sensors etc
no dissy alternator starter etc which is fine cause i use my f22 ones

my buddy and i did a compression leak down
it doesnt leak any compression = good, yay

turning the crank pulley was no problem at all, no resistance, no grinds, etc

did a compression check manually, wasnt the best idea because we couldnt turn it over fast enough without having the torque wrench fall out, was told the motor had to be hooked up to a starter or whatever or has to be in the car to have an accurate reading

motor looks clean, some oxidation on the cam side, but i was told it was normal, all the pumps are being replaced anyways

ive been talking to a bunch of mechanics, friends, and so fourth and so far theyve all given me a thumbs up

i just want some additional opinions

the motor goes in next week on the 14th

thanks and wish me luck


bolt the motor/tranny together, throw a starter on it and spin it over with jumper cables or a booster box for the compression readings...

if you did a leak down with compressed air and it seems to be keeping the air in the combustion chamber i don;t see any reason for it not to be a good running motor...

a motor sitting can have a huge effect on the compression test...