Kiss my ARS


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Looks interesting...

What we have is a GPS / onstar rip-off with an android candy device, that portals through your smartphone - And allows some of us to experience the goodies that normally very expensive cars have.

I'm suspicious on the price. Anyone have input ?


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Ugh.. DAMMIT I put this in the wrong forum.

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A few things look reasonable here.

I have experience in the old HELIO phones - which was started the same way. A small company that tried to start up (They failed :( )

This looks to me to be a blackbox. I don't trust Euro tech, because everything they sell in Europe is designed to control you, and widen the idea of "Monitoring your carbon footprint" It's also a huge hole in your security....

.... However - if I simply shut off my cell phone, it shouldn't have any logging capability. If it does, I'm sure I could hash the logs out.

They are offering it "for free" just for signing up for a year. I might do it, and keep it in the Mustang for a review. My BMW isn't gonna be happy with another rear view mirror in there.


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Looking at what's going on here, I see a few hack possibilities:

I'm shopping for a work vehicle for my employees. I have never bought a vehicle for an employee, but my partner has. He is STRICT about vehicle and resource uses, and he wants full surveillance, at all times (I have no problem with this, honestly. I mean, it's "my" car)

Stage 1 is to see if I can make the app dial my dispatch instead of the ARS support team. Then to see if I can get the data from my desk to the unit and start to control the cars OBD functions.


Is this a car that your employees are leaving at a shop or at their houses? If they are leaving it at their house and its available for personal use your surveillance might hinder their privacy. If they are leaving this car at their house/apt some people may only be able to have a certain amount of cars, so they may need it for personal use. I ran into this at my old condo when I had a company vehicle, my truck, and my fiance's car. I had to get permission to have 3cars.
You can kind of monitor there usage by checking their and if you find out how much traveling they should be doing. Its easier if they only see a couple people a day. My old company would do this because we were supposed to pay for personal mile use. They weren't down to the mile but roughly knew what should be where. I never used it for personal miles, so I was questioned a few times.


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Our cars are smaller vans with a logo wrap, which is why I want them to have them. Parking them doubles as advertising and whatnot. They won't be for personal use at all - We are scheduling guys to come in first to get the vans, and personal cars aren't allowed out on the road unless it's mine or my partners (Yeah, I know what a CT person below the age of 25 (Willing to accept my wage) drives. I had to get rid of the battlewagon, so do they.)


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Not to bring back an old post, but look into SmartDrive if you want to see what/where things are happening.

We run them in all of our trucks. Gives GPS tracking, speed, location, etc. Even gives front and rear camera shots of everything that is recorded. All the data is downloaded to a server and can be reviewed wherever you want. Ours are tied into the OBD so it alerts us when our vehicles exceed 70mph. Bunch of other stuff that is available for them, too.