knock sensor on swap


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hey,im swapping a b16 motor into my 1998 ek and am using my d16y7 wire harness with an obd1 conversion, just wondering if i need to use the plugs from another harness for the knock sensor and vtec pressure switch, and where can i get these plugs


Info to widen your scope of availability.

The green VTEC pressure switch is the same as the 2-wire grey IACV plug. Swappers who performed the DPFI to MPFI swap always have this extra tandem valve control solenoid plug you require for your VTEC pressure switch dangling around.

For the knock sensor, not too sure, but it looks similiar to the coolant temperature sending plug. (Located below the dizzy) Other members pls confirm...


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depends on what ecu you are going to use if you use a p28 then you are good but if you are using a p30 then you have to wire it