knock sensor

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im hookin up a d16 in my 91 crx and cant figure out where the knock sensor goes. where does it go and with that not bein hooked up would it cause it not to start?
i have a d16 a6 bottom end with a d16 z6 head im switchin it from dpfi to mpfi and vtec and i cant find a knock sensor hook up but the jumper harness i bought for the swop is saying that i need to hook up a knock sensor so i didnt know where it would go or if i need to hook that wire up to somthin else to by pass or redirect the wire
the a6 block does not have a knock sensor and i dont think it even has a place to install one. and unless you are running an obd2 ecu you don't need one.
yea i figured it out tonight and finally got it runnin thanks for yalls inputs
but i have another ? i got the car to run and the cam gear and belt side is in timing but the distrubtor side is not and where is it in timing and keeps the car running it wont bolt up to any of the ears so whts a solution to that? would it be safe to turn the cam gear so its a couple teeth back nd it work or will it be in the position to where the vales will be down when the piston is up and mess up the valves and motor?????
to see if your dizzy is right put your engine to TDC then the rotor should be pointing to the #1 sparkplug.
and if your dizzy won't bolt up did you get the z6 dizzy?
or maybe it is flipped 180 degrees?
its a 42 u distributor, which is what i have read to be the right distibutor, and all the ears will bolt up, just not in the position that it needs to be for the car to run right it seems. and if you flip the distibutor gear 180 degrees it doesnt seem to fit into the head right so idk. any other suggestions to any other distibutor that i might need?
did you try and move the dizzy cause maybe ur IGN. timing is off
but you have the right dizzy and check to see if your sparkplug wires are in the right order
yea i have moved the dizzy and it is in timng but where it is now and in timing it wont bolt up to any of the ears on the head and all the plug wires are right so idk what to do ?????