Know what my favorite thing about having a laptop is?

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Buck Futter
Ok, so I bought a laptop not too long ago. Up until now, I have never had a laptop - never felt the need for one. A month or so ago my PC crashed, and I figured I might as well get a laptop, since everywhere has wireless internet now, and this way I could take it to the track with me to upload data from my racebike.

ANYWAYS, what have I discovered is my absolute favorite thing about having a laptop?

I can take a shit and still be on the internet.

Like, I'm dropping a deuce as I type this.




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WHAT?!?!?!!? :eek:


when the fuck did that happen?!?!?!?!


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You know you're getting old when.........

OP: I try to limit my time while sitting on the crapper. Anyone who has dealt with a blown up bathroom on my behalf knows where I am going with this. I drop it an leave as fast as possible.


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sometimes if im chatting it up ill take the laptop in, but i dont put it on my bare lap. i have a TV dinner tray to rest it on if needed.

blackberry works great otherwise for the dookie duty.


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My favorite thing about having a laptop is sitting in parking lots getting into peoples internets. The real dumb ones don't lock down their servers. My brother and I found someone with credit card and bank account information once.


I use my laptop all the time, but not in the bathroom. That's mainly cause my long shits are at work and like everyone else has said, the blackberry does a great job.