last chance to sign up at demonoid

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they are closing the memberships soon.

if even you don't use it, sign up anyway, so someday if you want to, you will have an account to login.

this is to prevent the mpa mother fucking a from getting into the site and shit, and keeping the group as safe as possible

i use it to host some random files from time to time too... its good to have :)

Battle Pope

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I thought they already closed registration a few days ago?

EDIT: Just looked at the homepage - looks like it's gonna go in cycles.


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theyve closed and reopened them before. some accounts will get deleted because there share ratio is way off then they will open up again.

Battle Pope

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My share ratio is only 3.9 or something but it should be a lot more... my total upload and download amount isn't right either.


mine hasn't moved in 6 months.. lol i've pm'ed the owner about it, but hasn't replied. no biggie. im stuck at .95 s/r :p


I wanna be sedated
Yea, it's closed right now to new members.

So, who knows a good bit toorent client, besides Azuerus? I had Azuerus, but when I DLed the upgrades it completely freezes, and won't start.