Last day of freedom?

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Well i just wanted to let everyone know today is my last day of single life. I will be married tomarow to a wonderful women. :D

So any advice from the married set would be great.

Congrats! My only advice: be absolutely, positively sure that she's the right one. But you're already certain of that so thereya go :)
Go fuck every female in sight. twice. Get plastered.
Thats what you wish you could do....

What you will probably do instead:
Get a lap dance from a semi-hot stripper. get BOOZED as hell, wake up, and get led to slaughter.

What I did:

Got my ASS KICKED by my best man and groomsmen. I dont know what happened, but after the recital I was just standing there, and I get CLOBBERED from behind. I hit the ground sliding. By the time I turn over I see nothing but fists and shoes. They stomp a mud hole in my ass (careful not to hit me in the face, though, you know, wedding pics and all). Then pick me up and try to throw me into a pond.. They were not successful at that. I'm 6'4 and 220 pounds. But so are most of my groomsmen. lol.

Then we go home, change, and head out to the bar. They crammed drink after drink down my throat untill i puke. I'm not a puker, either... But you can only take so much. I suppose we were at the bar untill it closed.. Not too sure about that. (there were no strip clubs for 150 miles) Then they take me "home" to my brother's house. Its a mansion in the nicest part of town. (rich bastard). I puke off of the balcony right onto the entranceway. My brother had to clean it up.
after that I was done puking.. and passed out. Woke up the next morning bright and early, got my hung-over ass dressed and we all went to the wedding. Outdoor wedding.. at 10AM.. hung over. weeeeee.


Umm. Congrats. I'd go buy a car or something along those lines, mostly because I'm not the rebelious type and I'm whipped the 2nd date in, but financial freedom is one most forget.