Last pics of the Mustang


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Some final pictures I took this morning while gutting the car.

The craptacular $20 radio i wired in this morning. I got the rca's all backwards, but it's too late now. I dont' have any keys to pull the radio. So now Fader = Balance and vice versa :lol: At least it plays cds, but you have to manuall load them. I mean, there is NO mechanical things with this radio.

And finally, some memories of last night.

I don't remember how all that rubber got there. It's just strange.


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haha "don't remember how it got there"

I bet I can take a wild guess. :lol:


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Ever since I got my radio stolen from my stang.... An idea shot up in my head...What I did was that there is a lower little box under the stereo...well I took the little box out, then put my stereo in there. Then I left my stock stereo on top and then added a little black fiber under the stock stereo to cover my aftermarket stereo. Probably doesnt make sense put it worked.. :D


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i always wanted to do that with the radio

btw, i sold (traded in) the mustang this morning for my new civic. see the thread in Anything Goes


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You were afraid someone would steal your Pyramid ?

Uh.. ok.

-> Steve

EDIT: OH!! You just put the Pyramid IN. I see. I like the Omega sticker :)


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it was very turquoise. i could never get a halfway decent picture with a true representation of the color.


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but doesn't arby's have a sandwhich called the Big Montana??


Looks clean though


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sorry my bad.

i'm looking at going to school at msu bozeman. i'm going to try and get into the mechanical engineering program. but before i can do that i need to establish residency in montana, so i get to live up there for a year before i can even start school.

but at least by then i will have a pretty beastly civic to run around in. :)


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i'd live in billings to establish residency. more work and cheaper cost of living.
aren't you in wy? if you need some job classifieds or whatever, let me know either here or on AIM/MSN