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Just to keep you safe, no. But maybe, I ma having a brainfart right now. But it was fast :)


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Yeah, on DA 'tegs the rear LCA has two prongs and fits around the bushing on the bottom of the damper, as do the LCA's on ITR's. However, non-R DC's have the same LCA's as USDM EG's, the kind the have the bushing in the LCA and the two prongs on the damper.


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Ok, well I discoverd they wont fit... here's why

98 Non Type R Upper Control Arm

98 Non Type R Lower Control Arm

90-93 Upper Control Arm

90-93 Lower Control Arm

The front upper control arms may interchange, however the lowers will not. Thanks, Im a Search genious. Thanks for your help dohch22 and 92b16vx