Leaking oil from axle

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this weekend I did a tune-up and regular inspection on my car and notice a stain of oil underside of the motor where the tranny bolt to the engine block. No seriouse oil dripping or anything on where the car was parked. When I lifted the car up, I did see a drop of oil hanging from the gap where the tranny bolt to the motor. at first, i thought it was my tranny gone bad and I thought it was transmission fluid coming from the drain bolt. I wiped the about to drop oil off and clean the underside and dry it up. I then start the car and let the car run for 10 mins, checked under, and no oil drip. I then drove the car around the blocks and parked the car, let it run for 5 mins and cool it off. I recheck under the side, and found where the oil was coming from. The oil leaks from the right axle where it pluge into the tranny. Since there is no seal on the axle itself, it couldnt be that the axle is bad, it would have to be a bad seal on the hole where the axle pluge into. what do you guys think that could be the cost of this oil leak???

I recently purchased a Kaaz lsd unit and will be installed after the 30th of this June when summer school is over and hopefully have a chance to run a couple runs before racing season is over again, since winter is around the corner for some of us up north (track schedule is only up to Sept if i remember correctly). My plan is to wait till school over and have the time to take the tranny out for further inspection on the hole where the axle plug into to see if there is any seal in there since i dont remember that there is anything there when changing axles. I plan to have a shop install the Kaaz lsd unit, should I have them find out what caused the oil leak before install the lsd unit? is this a big problem? just a reminder, there is no serious oil leaking on the ground, just a drop hanging about to drop, but i guess, every single drop adds up over time that's why under the bottom of the tranny is wet with oil stain. any comment would be appreciated. thanks
Sounds like you need some new axle seals. Very easy to do. They are on/in the tranny. Just changed mine for the same reason, one had a small tear.
Hopefully thats the case. changing axle is an easy job other than taking the ball joint. Since there's not alot of oil leaks, only a drop hanging, I will look into when school over by the end of the month.
Sounds like a messed up tranny-axle insert gasket. If you take out the axle, look into the tranny, there should be a rubber gasket that is plunged in. Inspect if you see any wear, REPLACE it anyways. Most of the time it's this seal, not the axle. Save youself a couple bucks.