Left over parts from EG builds

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Go fast, Go Cheap
Left over parts from EG builds body, turbo, springs

Rear Hatch Glass with attached OEM top, what would be replaced with the duckbill style spoiler, no rear wiper as stock, all wires Give me a FAIR OFFER

Lower tailgate, 1995 cx hatch Give me a FAIR OFFER

EG tail lights Give me a FAIR OFFER

Intrax springs on shocks, less than 10,000 miles, lowers approx 1.5inches $60 shipped

Four doors from a 1994 acura integra LS gray with dark gray interior, all working parts, wires, power locks/windows, will seperate, pick up only. Give me a FAIR OFFER, FREE IF PICKED UP

Front seats from 1994 integra, dark gray drivers side has split stitching for about 3 inches on left bolster, $BEST OFFER picked up

passenger side air bag 1994 integra, with air bag module $100 shipped

(4) motegi 16" MR15 rims, white though dirty, on rim bent causing slow yet drivable leak, $200 OBO, pick up would be nice. two good (90%tread) tires two need replaced.

Random 13" steelies picked up name the price, i have a full set of CX steelies look good, but they are steelies won't fit over my brakes.

Two stock eg turn signals $20 shipped.

T3 off a 300zx with the twin turbos .48 i am pretty sure. don't really want to sell this but give me an offer i can't refuse, couild use a rebuild.

all prices negotiable, pics up as soon as it is light out.
willing to trade for wastegate, turbos, set of alloy 14" or 15" rims willing to drive tri state area for those or meet halfway, Radiator new or slightly used, TYC headlights, del sol passenger side airbag, or anything name it i want the space all this stuff is taking up. Nothing is too crazy, Name the price and I will consider it.

contact info
Central PA, burgessj@susqu.edu, 570-850-3972
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