Legend of Speed II

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There this chinese movie called Legend of Speed 2, it's in cantonese, and i guess it was made in the early 90's. It's one of the earlier movies i've seen to have (Blue Bottle) Nos in it. I thought it was a pretty cool movie. Last time I watched it was about 3 years ago, before i got into cars. Does anyone know what kind of cars they race in the movie? Well the story is guy has great-looking girlfriend. Great-looking girlfriend always there for him, he crashes his car in a race and his great-looking girlfriend dies, he goes to taiwan, guy gets new girlfriend... you know the story :spin:
They race Lancer EVO's and Impreza's. In the movie there were 2 black and 1 yellow EVO 6's, and the villan has a crew that all drive Impreza's. The guy went to Thailand after he was busted for cocaine that was planted, and there is a R34 in the movie.

blah blah the movie wasn't that great, but the cars were.