Lego Sears Tower??

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I love legos. I have 4 huge rubbermaid containers full of them. I used to build all sorts of stuff. I built a huge lego robot that has a detachable ship that hooks to its back. Its still together and thats been about 6 years ago.
I had a city in my room growing up, roads, buildings, a railroad with a working train, train station, etc. took up most of my room. :)

I started doing some planning on this thing, I think it could be about 26x26 blocks in area and around 5' tall when i'm done with it.
I used to play with Legos all the damn time lol... I still have about 5 rubbermaid containers myself, and I bought my nephew some for christmas lol
I love legos. I have 4 huge rubbermaid containers full of them. I used to build all sorts of stuff. I built a huge lego robot that has a detachable ship that hooks to its back. Its still together and thats been about 6 years ago.

why did he have a detachable ship on his back?
thats random.. lol
Well it's started. I began with my basic design and laid the floor down. For now I'm using blue bricks to make the difference between the "beams" and where the "windows" will be placed. So far I have a working model with 1/4 of the exterior facade roughly 50% complete up to the 10th floor (minus windows). Then I started to pre-plan the sidewalks around the outside, which means I'll have to redo quite a bit of the lobby and first few floors to accomodate the larger windows.

Then I got sidetracked with the roof top. I got the mechanic penthouse, elevator floor and a few floors down the building completed (with blue windows instead of clear), and 50% of one antenna finished (it will need to be taller and have supporting antenna attached properly)


The base of the building.


My Simplified model (i found the other antenna shortly after taking the picture)

Here I have worked out the windows and floor spacings along with the interior columns I'll need to support the building when it sets back the tubes at the 50th, 66th, and 90th floors.



This is after I slightly revised what I'd done and then began on the rooftop area to give me an idea. The outline of red is the area the building will go to all the way at the top.

I began working on the rooftop here, revised it 2 or 3 times (and yet again its different from this picture now slightly)


The exterior facade on one side.

Yes, the interior columns will be all in black when I'm finished. I just wanted to get them in place as a mockup so I could see how I was going to do it specifically. Everything seemed to turn out damn near perfect.

Exterior facade 50% complete up to 10 stories, and the outside sidewalk with stepdowns being created.

And yes, Tabitha was helping me. She's my parents' new cat.

I've worked it out to be around 5 foot tall, it will be pretty goddamn sweet. Only problem is I'm going to have to order 3,150 2x1 clear bricks for the windows, which will end up getting expensive so this project will take at the very least 6 months of time.
Looks cool I hope you get it finished, and yea get the cat far away.
Once I start to get my "window" pieces in (had to order them), the tower is going to my house so I can work on it when I have the time and pieces.

The cat was being a pistol last night, she was jumping up and down off the table all night while I was there.
I love Legos. I use to have what my mother would call "Lego Days". I would play sick then literally build things all day long.
Looks good. I was a huge fan of legos when I was a kid. I wanted to be an architect.

I was a lucky kid because my mom managed a specialty toy store for the majority of my childhood so I got mostly all the legos that came through it and i got every single piece of demo-playmobile that came through it. :)
I spent an hour tonight after work redoing the entire base panel. lol

I used a whole bunch of 1x(whatever) like 1x8, 1x6 panels for the base around the edges. I ripped them all up so I could keep the 1x(whatever) pieces for the floors going up. Then I also redid the first floor so it'd be a double tall window, and worked out the spacing for the interior columns along with that. (they have to match up perfectly)

I have it worked out so that I'd use fourteen 1x6 pieces and two 1x8 pieces to do the flooring around the building as it goes up. This gives me an idea of what I'll need to order once I'm done sourcing everything I can from my moms house. lol

The finished product? Could take a 8 months to a year because of the cost of what I'm going to have to order for windows. So I'll have sporadic updates.
I found the Lego digital creator online last night, so I've been putting it together online so I can see what it'll look like when it gets completed. So far I'm up to the 34th floor.

Used to be? That is unacceptable. I'll play with these things until I die.