Light Boost Z6

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Canuck 93 Civic Si

Senior Member
It has come to my attention that I could posibly get a turbo for pretty cheap ( friend of a friend ) and i was thinking about putting it on my car for now until my B20 gets built. I know i have to do something about my MAP sensor.... but what is that? Also, how can i adapt a turbo to my exhaust mani or do i need a new one made for turbo? Should I consider injectors and fuel management if im just running a few pounds ( 8-10 )?

Originally posted by Canuck 93 Civic Si@Jan 8 2003, 09:54 PM
Also i know fuckall about turbo sizes and stuff so any sugestions an turbos would be apreciated

fuckall?? :huh:
yeah in context that's what fuckall sounds like, pretty catchy, i might start using it.
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Not a diss, but i can't believe u guys have never heard of "fuck all"...its a common term around here. Where are you guys? (altho i am a maybe its not too common and i'm the only one 'round here that says it?)