lightened flywheel


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i am in a few thousand miles am going to need a new clutch, i going with either an ACT or clutchmasters, because i like them both, besides that, i was looking into a lightened flywheel, and i was told that it doesn't really do anything. is he yankin my chain? cause just looking at this in pure Physics, i would think a weight reduction would help relive the initial load that the engine pushes to turn the oem flywheel. assuming i'm correct, it would take more rpms to initaily start off the line, but still the top end rpm band would increase, creating more power in a sense. please corect me if i'm wrong, but when i replace my clutch, i'd like to replace the flywheel as well, since i'm in that region anyways.


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Yes it does make a difference. Much faster revving. I don't know if it will increse hp but it does affect acceleration positively.


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increases throttle response, mush faster revving...doesn't necessarily add hp, just free's some up. i'm running an ITR flywheel with an Exedy clutch kit, hasn't disappointed me yet.


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Go hit the :search: button

Punch in "flywheel" for the search string and "Calesta" for the author. I've written TONS of stuff about light flywheels.