"lightweight" 17" wheels

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check out the awesome wheels and tires below.
I will personally deliver them any where within 1000 miles of PA for $600, No joke.

Other than that i will take the best offer.



I am located in central PA.
Also, I have These rims. I would like $500. 17'' Motegi MR7
Bolt patterns are 4x100 and 4X108 They don't make this combo anymore, and were hard to find when they did. This is an incredible deal! I bought them from my freind who had to wait a few months for the company to order them in.

Please buy these, I need money for a turbo and college.

I will trade
Originally posted by Johnny G@Jul 16 2005, 05:42 PM
How much to ship the dash (vents, center console, guage cluster) and the door panels (l+r)?
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Ship to where?

I would prefer everything be picked up for the $5 deal
Would you take $15 shipped for it? I dont think shipping would be more than $5 or so, and if your letting the whole thing go for $50 I dont see $10 be unreasonable for the rear carpet. I had a bad trunk leak and my carpet molded up, I've been looking for a gray 4 door carpet for a long time now.
i own the seats... front and rear :) also i am getting the guage cluster and possible the a/c compressor, cruise control, and center console all on thursday :)
dunno, maybe.
Any one want anything off of this come and get it.
I am too lazy to ship.
cell is 570-850-3972
maybe be around for a week or so.
ALSO DON"T FORget to wheels< $500 is a great deal.


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Originally posted by VTECPOWER@Sep 25 2005, 12:13 PM
How much do those wheel's weigh?
:lol: Aren't those like 25 lbs a piece, without tires?
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yep, i had a set of the white 17" mr7's, heavy ass rim :lol: