linux iPod?

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Yep, I've been running Linux on my iPod for the last month. It's pretty sweet. Only complaints are that you can't browse the rest of the OS while playing music and it eats batteries, but they games are fun. I wish I had a color so I could play doom :(. Doom runs on mine, but its just a mess of black and white pixles...
Yeah, this has been around a while. I saw it in action this last weekend in NYC. A friend had the subway maps on his photo, pretty cool. But what the iPod really needs is Bluetooth so you can have internet access through a cell phone.
It would be tough and annoying. You would need a male to female converter for the USB cord then the drivers for the Bluetooth dongle, I want the bluetooth antenna inside the iPod...
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4GB is not nearly enough storage. Kind of a col product but you would think that if they were going to commit to having an internal harddrive that they would have made it big enough to be worthwhile.
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Speak for yourself :lol: My desktop's drive is 3.2GB and I can live right nicely within that. My music sits on a 12GB array and once again, plenty for me to live with.

Ya just gotta know how to live within those boundaries.
unholy mother of satan. 3.2GB and 12GB for music????? DAMN you must have a lot of burned cd for data. WIndows XP Pro and Office takes around 2GB already. How do you do it? No gaming or movies probably.
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man, i thought i was running a low amount when i had 40gb, now i have 160 :)
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Yeah I used to have 40. Then I went to 80. Then I got another 80 and had 160.

Then my 2nd 80 started clicking so I bought a damn 250 and now I have 330. :)