little stuff i can do to my h23 to make it quicker?

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besides cold air, exhaust, and timing advancement. i just need some little upgrades that won't run my wallet to hell
what kind of internals are required for that? i'm guessing pistons and arms. anything else?
depends how much you want to spray.... maybe some rods and pistons.... all depending on how may passes you want this to make

and btw
why did you advance your timing?????
and how much did you advance it???????????
more low end power. i tilted the distributor about an inch. it made a good difference. it goes pretty good off the line.
don't fuck with the timing unless there's a need. engines are timed because there is a need, so only adjust the timing if there is a need.
its not knocking or anything, it seems to be ok
You need to set the timing back to normal! A cars timing is supose to be spot on, not half an inch forword because you think it gains power. It dose not! If you inproperly set the timing it could cause serious engine damage!
BTW to answer your question, in my opion besides fix the timing, Looking into Pullys, they can free up a little HP, and they arn't to badly priced eather and simple to install :)
wow if you have a car that requires 87 octane fuel and you fill it with 93 octane it would benifet the engine to increse the timing as 93 burns slower and has a better detonation resistance and runing the timing more advanced also makes more power because of where the piston is at in the stroke
with premium fuel it will make more HP with that timing advanced which would be pushing it toward the firewall if you retard the timing it will make more tq which is what youwere doning before thats why it felt better down low
alright. yeah thats what i knew i was doing anyway. i knew it was only more torque in lower gears. i just reset it back to the stock setting because everyone told me i was gonna blow my car up haha.
haha. any more options let me know guys!