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ok i have been on xbox live for a couple mnths now,and my bro also plays,is there anyway to connec to live using his name??
i registred with live under my name with a 4mnth gold card,can we put his name on there too??
yours will still work.. each gamer tag needs its own xbox live account.. you can have several on one machine
so at the end of this 4 mnth card(the one with injen78 registered) if we registr a new card and use my bros name,my name will still work??even though i didnt register the new card with my name??
or do i have to buy another membership for my name,
like each membership allows 1 name
ya but when this membership for my name runs out,if i dont renew membership under that name will it be active still??
cuz i wanna still have my name,and my bro wants his own name,but w both need to be able to go on,at differant times
then you'll need to renew your subscription.. you cant use 2 gamertags on one xbl gold account