Living In A Smaller Town

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I went in to our local rice with a litter performance on the side shop this afternoon and asked them if they could get B series VTEC cable transmissions. They told me no, but one of the guys started asking me about my current tranny and if it was in good shape. Turns out he wanted my transmission for his 94 GSR, too bad mine isn't hydro. I asked him if he was boosting the GSR and he said "No, the LS transmission is tighter, it's better for NA." It was all I could do not to bust out laughing. I am thinking about offering to swap him trannys straight up. That would be worth converting my car to hydro clutch. :lol:
sounds like a dumb ass round my area. A guy wants to trade me mufflers. My twin tip pos home made muffler for his 5zigen fireball and he is paying for mine and his to be cut off and re welded on switched. LOL. I say switch the dumb ass like I am. People like that make the smart people look smarter and the dumb people look even dumber.