lmao! Ebay kid gets owned


Thank you for your business.
BAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! "No wonder why your mother doesn't want to stand with you."

:owned: :owned:

The Plaintiff looks like the fat fucker I work with that does shit around the store. :lol:


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I agree the kid probably was guilty, his Mom probably knew about it which is why she wouldn't stand with him, and he did have previous complaints detailing the exact same thing, but the kid really didn't even get a chance to defend himself. For all we know the fat guy could have recieved the item, seen that the kid had a habit of scamming, and planted the newspaper in the bag to take advantage of him. Not probable, but it didn't look like due process either.


i right-clicked and 'save as', and i swear my comp laughed at me just before it locked up.

goddamn 1994 Presario and 56ghey....

well, not even 56ghey...more like 12ghey.