local kid wrecks mugen civic si

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These snozzberries taste like snozzberries...
Yesterday a young man driving a Civic decided to get Fast and Furious around the Greenwood library.


He said he was on the brakes before trying to make the turn and that he slid in the sand/gravel from the snow a few weeks back.

This is what happens when parent buy kids fast cars thinking “it’s only a Honda”. Every kid should have a piece of crap, 1989 4 door corolla as a first car.
what a freaking idiot. He no longer deserves a nice car.
Damn. I want to cry.

Oh well. Hopefully his parents learned their lesson. (but probably not.)

Shit, by the time I had my license, I already had a couple hours of track time.
I got an 1987 Chevy Nova Notchback from my dad.

at first I thought. Nova, heck yeah!

Then I saw it. Everything went downhill from there.

I was an automatic that never ran right, and constantly stalled out. Needless to say I bought a Crx with my own money a month later.

The "Nova" was later left on the side of the road abandoned with a spare tire through the windshield and both side mirrors broken off.
I had nothing to do with it after my dad tried to get it to run properly.