locally sponsored hondas & 1 tite crx

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first car is pretty sweet looking- needs a new motor, a DOHC maybe?!?

2nd cars paint job made me wanna puke.
The CRX looks nice. It's funny that if it's Mugen, people won't bash body kits.
He's got a Matrix header. I wonder how that holds up. I've seen some in person at a store and they look solid.
Now I don't want jackasses saying the welds will break if they haven't even had experience with that particular header. Too many idiots do that here. Make assumptions about products they have never seen or used.
Originally posted by 90 accord@Dec 29 2002, 03:44 AM
2nd cars paint job made me wanna puke.

Gee, possibly b/c its a SHOWCAR! It says so in the link. Wild paint jobs and the latest "fads" is what it takes to win.