Lock Your Doors, Mang!

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There was a black 2001 v6 accord with nice rims and a performance exhaust (as far as i know) parked right next to me one night last semester. Next morning I go out, car's gone, didn't think anything of it. Come to find out it was stolen overnight. I was like "Thank God my car is stock or it could have been mine." And this was in a well-lit on campus parking lot.
and a pic of Si-steve.
yeah- thats me. she owns me :)

as for the car thefts.. wtf

"The 1991 Toyota Camry is a favorite among car thieves, according to the latest study by CCC Information Services, Inc"

do theives honestly think a 91 camry holds resale? wtf
do theives honestly think a 91 camry holds resale? wtf

either that or camry owners commit the most insurance fraud

"the 1991, 1989 and 1990 Camry models, respectively, topped its annual study of theft claims from insurers."
There are lots of those cars on the road,as opposed to say volvo's,so naturally the numbers are going to be higher.Also japanese cars as a whole are easier to steal and blend in because of the numbers and are in higher demand.
you got a point there--what's easier to see, a Mica blue Porsche Boxter, or a Gray Toyota Camry?