LOL at myspace people !

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i couldn't finish reading that at work. i was laughing out loud like a retard.
and i can name one thing that they all have in common but it would prolly get me banned lol
i lost it here:

that wuz soo funny..

my bro and I did some shit like that wayy back..hahaa..

good times..
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ohhhh yeah guuurl. i cringe as i cum in u so haard. just as u start 2 cum, i takez out mah blade and slash it across yo windpipe. u fall lifeless 2 tha floor as i beat mah chest and chant "THUG LIFE!" wavin mah blade around. u twitch on da floor as mah cum poors out of u like mayonaise cummin out of a mailbox. i grab da nippleless 8 year old and start fuckin her hard in da ass.

ur lifeless eyes stare across da room. tha thought of u layin dere makes me harrd as a rock and i fuck ur 3rd grade friend like shez never been fucked befo'


at first, i thought the bitch he was talking to was doing the same thing as him.
wow i read the whole thing.

FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!!!! me and a few of the account managers are busting up hard.
this conversation i had with this guy on prelude power made me think of this thread..

im new 2 dis website so i dnt knoe how 2 fuck with it like dat.....nd plus i need 100 post count 2 make a thread dere

let me help you, because you apparently dont know how to spell.

im new to this website, so i dont know how to fuck with it like that. and plus, i need 100 post count to make a thread there.

or to get really anal about it..

I'm new to this website, so I don't know how to fuck with it like that. And plus, I need 100 post count to make a thread there.

lo0ok my dude i knoe how 2 spell....thaz wut chu caLl ho0od talk Aight....nd plus i aint here 2 fuckin argue 4 dat i caLl my shawty nd argue with just tryin 2 get wut i need 4 my car 2 have it ruNnin.....

I have no idea what you just said, but the best of luck to you in your "surgury" classes. Seriously though, tell the 6 welfare babies you'll have in the next decade I said hi. I promise I'll try to swerve if I see them in the road.
this was awesome
funnyest thing i've ever read "holla busta trick ass beatch!!" lol
omg i cant stop laughing!

this was one of my favorites...
"yo bitch imma chunder you like phuckin scarecrow teeth"
Omfg, it hurts. "Your spelling is almost as bad as my inability to stop stealing cars."