lol check out this douchebag

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I bet if anyone knew where that kid lived his ass would get robbed. At least he was talkin shit but could back it up haha.


Nice and all, but it's not like there are only Xbox 360 games out yet.

Ohhh! Wow! Wireless controlls and a new interface. :roll:

Pointless if you ask me. Hope he gets robbed. :)
i just thought it was funny that he posted so much info about himself and even his fathers job title, then posted pics of it all.

like microsoft is just gonna let that swing? what a dumbass kid
that kids step dad is gonna beat the shit out of him. and he deserves every second of it
I don't understand whats going on here.

Obviously the game console is yet to be released, but it said that it was given to his father for testing. I'm sure with that said, Microsoft wanted the father to have his son beta test the console. Now I don't understand where the trouble lies, the fact that he posted pictures of this unreleased console? Or that he let people know that it was created? I don't get whats the big deal, people already knew that it would go into beta testing soon enough.

I guess I'm missing something.
in any beta or testing procedure theres a thing called an NDA (non-disclosure agreement or some shit)

its a contract you have to sign saying you wont release any information on the product your testing until the nda is lifted. this keeps the hardware/software somewhat protected from hackers/piraters.

and his father was to take the product home and test it, some companies are worse then others, but it could very well be that he was not even supposed to allow his family to see/test/use the product.

so simply by his son using the machine he was violating the nda, much less having his son brag about it, then post pictures of it as proof.

thats a major violation of the nda and im sure it will cost his father his job.

ive beta tested numerous games, while the games are under nda noone else is allowed to use your account. you are not allowed to post any specific information on the game anywhere online, you cant even post screenshots until the nda is lifted.