lol hmm do I smell fish?

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Every once in a while, I check out ebay to see if there are ever any good deals on 12inch apple iBooks. I put ibook G4 as my keywords, and one of the results is a apple Powerbook for 699. The thing is pretty loaded with the super drive, extra ram, 80gb hard drive ect. He says "email me and get one of these for 700 with free shipping"

Defently too good to be true, but I send him an email anyways..

Are the power books that you are selling new or used. What software do they come with, and does it come with any warentee. Does it come with everything that it would from the factory (IE battery, charger, manuals, orginal box, ect)

the responce...

First I want to tell you that my powerbooks are brand new, unopened box all listed accessories included and also an 3 years apple care warranty. The invoice will come at the same time with the package.
My buy it now price is the best you could get: 1000usd/unit, including the shipping and insurance taxes. We will pay them because the package will be delivered from Europe. As delivery service we use UPS2daysair service (with insurance and 15 days return policy), because it's the faster. And if you will have a quick payment, we must also have a quick delivery. So that's why we use as a payment method Western Union money transfer, the fastest and also very secure way of sending money. So, if you agree with my terms I'm sure that we can close the deal as soon as possible.
Waiting your quick answer right now

So now its 300 more, and I am sending money through western union "because its safe" yea, it sends it quick, but once they have it, I have zero recourse if he screws me. And keep in mind, that the 12inch powerbook starts at 1500 and works its price up from there.

so my responce...

Sorry, I am going to pass. What sounds too good to be true normally is. Some how I doubt that if I send my 1000 (you said 700 in the ebay add) that I will ever see a power book.
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see if he'll do

escrow is safe. he doesn't get paid till you say you got your product.
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Its a western union money scam.

Every scammer uses western union. Its not safe, infact it sucks. They can "guarantee" a certified check and let it clear and then two weeks later find that it bounced and then automatically deducat money from your account. Its what people who do the "nigeria" scam - the I'll send you 10,000 for a 5,000 item because I'm over seas and trust you, just send me 4,000 back - and then run scam.

The guy can't spell, he can't construct a sentence, his english is terrible. Obviously a foreigner, probably a nigerian running a scam.
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@Jul 5 2005, 10:15 PM
see if he'll do

escrow is safe. he doesn't get paid till you say you got your product.
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Its a western union money scam.

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pretty much. You put money in the western union account, then he takes the money out as soon as he gets it. Since he can take the money out of the account pretty much anywhere in the world, he takes it out then you have no clue where the scammer is and your in rapids without a padel.

Here is the responce that he send to me. notice the broken english everywhere. President bush could right a better letter then this.

I am a very honest person honest in every aspect of my life and like to
believe that we have a mutual trust.look i live by the rules to me is
nothing in life it the trust that it count ,
If you try to scam somebody in life, later on life will scam you back.
I promise, you won't be dissapointed. I am a man of my word.You can count on
me.About our deal I assume we are 2 mature persons who want to make a fair
I understand you are a little concerned from this point of view but this is
not the case.I am a very good ebayer with a very good rating and my interest
is to have very good deals on ebay so
i can have in the future good deals.If i will make with you a good deal,you
will recommend ! ! me ,maybe ,to your friends or to other persons.For me it is
very important to have permanent deals on ebay,
any negative deal will not make good to me.More,i will provide 15 days money
back warranty,i mean ,if in 15 days you will change your mind you will resend
the item to me on my expenses.I think this is more than fair.
But i need to provide me the payment confirmation, prior to shipping in order
to make the shipping .I hope you can understand me and also,i hope we can
finalize this deal in the best manner.
You will have my personal quarantee you will receive the item immediately
without questions... i promise.
i keep my word in every part of this deal..
mail me asap