lol, k-series = monster trq

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Well my freind went to a place to get a good base map of his new RSX-s

Anyways, this place wasn't that big, and had never delt with a car as new as his. They didn't know how to hook it up to the dyno and attach the instraments because k-series don't have spark plug wires. Anyways here is the results...



:p :p :lmao:
Originally posted by TurboMirage@May 20 2005, 01:09 PM
they are really only making 139@ the wheels?
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Who knows with that dyno. Since hp is derived from your trq, there is no way to tell his actual hp since his trq is 04850843583485385 ftlbs


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go pull down houses with that thing!!! lol

base map? or did you mean base LINE

cuz i would NEVER have that shop be making me a base map if they can't even figure out a dyno... lol


Thats awsome haha. Did he have to pay them for the time on the dyno?? That would suck if he did.


Originally posted by GSRCRXsi@May 20 2005, 06:55 PM
did they do the run in first gear? lol dont you put down more torque in lower gears?
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Yeah... you want to make the run in as close of a 1:1 ratio as you can.
he dude, the next time take off the timing belt cover and put a white sticker on the cam gear. there should be a sensor that should pick up the cam gear, thats how we did mine


Damn y0, that thing is the same lbs-ft as our APCs, and about 100hp less :huh: