lol woman runs over a matress

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found this on another forum....

Drive train Vibration Issue

This woman ran over a mattress and decided to keep going. The ensuing jumble finally whipped around enough to put a tear in the gas tank, the subsequent lack of fuel is what finally brought this vehicle to its knees. It had still managed to drive 30 more miles decently with a 60lb tangle wrapped around the driveshaft.

This genius complained that the vehicle had a "shimmy" when driving at high speeds.

This is what the dealership found.............



I will never understand how someone can do something like this, but the end result looks fantastic.
How the hell do you explain it to her that she ran over a mattress?
lol hopefully, some dumb hoe such as herself, could not have fooled a man into marrying her...
Somelady ran over a log in front of my house a while ago and it had a stub on it that stuck in her bumper and she kept on driving with a log hanging in her front bumper, it was loud as hell when she hit it. I dont know how she didnt know she hit something.
maybe she thought she hit a little kid and just decided to keep on driving.
maybe she thought she hit a little kid and just decided to keep on driving.

Does the diarrhea that spews from your head automatically transpose into words in your posts? 99.9% of your posts are meaningless and unproductive. It takes a lot from the threads when you have to sort through post after post of nonsense posts like you typically make.