Long Engine Swap Question

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alright, ive been meaning to ask this question for a long time but never had time to sit down and write it. right now my del sol has pretty much everything i want except power. i thought about it and i figured id be happy in the mid 200 to high 200 horsepower range. i know ill need a turbo but i dont plan on running at high pressure all the time. maybe have that amount of power on tap and use it whenever i need it. so here comes my problem and the reason im posting this. in ur opinion, what should i do...

should i build the hell out of the d16z6 i have back home and force feed it with maybe 20 psi? what kind of power will this yield me? how reliable is this gonna be, even if im not boosting 20 psi all the time?

if i go with a b16, i know the rod ratio is alot better than my d16, is this a good enough reason to put this in? i also have the advantage of dual cams, better tuning? hmmmm....

if i go with a b18, should i just get a b18a, or a b18c? i was thinking that if i go with a b18 it wouldnt matter if it had vtec or not since id change the cams anyways to optimize overlap and all that good stuff. any ideas?

and finally if i go with the h22 or h23, which id love to do, i know there isnt much space between cylinders and this is a good reason not to boost much. but then again, ill probably get to my hp goal with much lower psi. also, is that extra .1 liter worth it? would a properly built h23 make as much power as an h22? again this is an example of the whole vtec, non-vtec problem i was wondering about.

if u reply to this post, please be specific on ur thoughts. any engine i choose will be properly built for the hp goal, nothing untouched. and of course, awesome tuning. oh, and please feel free to get technical. id like to know specifics such as "this block isnt strong enough" or "it might wear down cylinder walls quickly".

any help and comments are greatly appreciated...


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where to begin.........

It all depends on your budget. I'll throw down a sub 10k setup that will net your goal. Second of all, you can't throw out "20 psi" without giving a turbo with it. Some turbos at 20psi would have your engine/drive train scattered about the street. Others would only give you modest gains.

b18b1 LS motor
-Sleeved block, with 250 horse, and sleeves, you will have no problem at all with wall strength.
- New pistons, rods, bolts. ARP/Eagle - companies like that. These will not break anywhere near 250
- upgrade your valve train - nothing spectacular, just some stronger values/springs/retainers.
- Stick with stock ignition, except maybe some iridium plugs and nice wires - it will work fine.
b16 tranny with LS 5th gear.
- not a necessity, but you'll have a faster car with better highway mileage (vs stock LS.)
custom turbo kit, t3/t4e hybrid turbo, intercooled of course. rigged in at about 9-12 psi?
- k-smotorsport.com or something, I forget.
--->Hondata engine management, tuned properly.<----
- This is quite possibly the most important step, get it done right, and you'll have reliable performance

- Also, you will probably want a quick access boost controller. This will give you your flexability to turn it up when you want the power. I'm not sure how it meshs with hondata though, you'll have to ask someone who knows more about EMS setups than me.

- If you do your shopping and work correctly, you should be looking at less than or around $10,000
- A cheaper setup could be had (homemade turbo) for far less, if you wanted to be a DIYer.

hope this helps.