Long Shot - 33x15.50R16.50 Swampers for sale

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I have two brand new 33x15.50R16.50 (most chevy's run these wheels) Super Swamper TSL/SX's in my garage left over from a suzuki samurai build two summers ago. They still have the tread stickers from the factory on them, never even mounted. They sell for $204 a piece brand new, I want $300ish for them. I'll also give you 20% if you find someone who needs them. Feel free to make any offers, you'd be surprised what I might consider.

I know its a Honda forum, but I'm better someone has a friend that wants them. They are currently in Raleigh, NC, but I can bring them to central NY with me this weekend if thats closer to you.
How about 10%, an integra H-brace, and a pair of front Integra rotors? LOL

This things are big and are taking up a lot of room, I know someone has a friend who has a friend that wants to save over $100 on these.
word, I leave for NY tomorrow morning, so if you need me to bring them I need to know tonight, if your closer to Raleigh then I can arrange you picking them up or whatever.