Look what the UPS fairy brought me

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he he, prolly puttin it in tonight...... well see how it goes.


Cool. Not to rain on your parade, but the Carbing bars are cheaper (not by much) and are set up in the same configuration but without joints (better).


Nice purchase!
well... install went well, no hangups. i measured twice for the bottom bracket and apparently needed to measure again. its about a 1/4 to 1/2 in. too far bak, but everything still bolted together....... its just not perfect.

pics up tomorrow.

kinda blurry, but man does it look hot. soo much stiffer in the rear...... which has its ups and downs...... now the front leans even more.... but thats only one quick call to horsepowerfreaks and $150 away from gettin fixed with the front cusco bar. but that wont be for another month or so.