Lookin for some new rims/tires

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I believe those would fit, but there's better options and those rims are heavy as shit, i know the 17" rims are 25 lbs a piece, w/o tires. IMO buy some rota's off ebay.
Check out Wheelsnext.com - got a set of 15" R-1's with Hankook SRII's for $579, mounted, balanced, and shipped to my house.


Sidewall size... which makes a difference in overall height of the tire. If you're staying with the stock drivetrain for a while, the 195/50/15 is actually the best match to the stock tire in terms of overall diameter. You won't lose acceleration like the 195/55, you'll have better handling because of the shorter sidewall, and you'll actually put more rubber/tread on the ground when compared to the 195/55 too.

If you're going to swap to a B series engine, a 195/55 would be best for matched gearing. You can also go with the ever-popular 205/50 or 215/50 if you can find it.