looking for opinions

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I'm trying to decide what wheels i'm gonna put on somewhere down the line, probably a couple months or so. I'm lookin for stock civic wheels if at all possible and these are what i have lined up so far..


kinda in order of preference..going onto a midnight blue 4th gen sedan..whaddya think? any other suggestions?
im with brian... get rotas but if i had to ... if i would get these

and if i was going for a "sleeper look" i would get these

i would go with rotas too, but if not then i would go with the last one on you're list!

there what i got :) sleeper look and they weight less then you stock wheel.

i hate it when people ask wheni m getting 17's
:werd: :withstupid: if you want a sleeper you need to stay with stock wheels ... everyone knows the semi-stock lookin car with rotas and lowered suspension probly has somethin done as far as a swap or whatever ... not very sleeper... actually if you want a sleeper rice the fuck outta your car ... no one expects shit from cars with more stickers than paint and a 3ft wing ... lmao
those were the ones i'd wanted before when i was considering buying wheels..how do you think they'd look on a 4th gen sedan?

and that's why i had wanted to get stock wheels..
I like the slipstreams in bronze. :D I wish I had some. But on a 4g sedan I think Si's would look rather nice.
lol don't you love it when you ask for opinions and people tell you what you wanna hear? =] i think i can pick up a set for around 400 off thepartstrader with tires, you think that's good?
IMO,if youre gona spend moola, might as well get something light. even stock people buy aftermarket wheels. some think that is all you can do to a car without killing the warranty.

you can buy something cheap but relatively light like konig divas at Discount Tire, brand new for $440 with 185/60's included!! they arent super light but they weigh 11.90lbs in 14". i think those wheels you posted are lot heavier...at least 14 or 15lbs for 14". stock alloys are pretty much made of lead.
ok, i didnt know that. i been checking out wheels at this used tire place and all the stock honda/acura wheels there are alot heavier than the aftermarket ones of the same size. i know this cause i pick them up and feel how heavy they is.
they are heavier than aftermarket light weight wheels ... but they have a clean look and help with the "sleeper look" better than any aftermarket wheel would