Looking for Wheels

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Was looking for some good, light rims that AREN'T volks or rotas, I was thinking Enkei but I think they are heavy, even for 15's. Gimme some info!


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for enkies in the 15x6.5 size the ones to look at are the ES Tarmac (10.7) and the J-Speed III (12.8)... there are many other companies making light weight wheels other than Volk (Rays) and Rota.... Racing Hart, SSR, Buddy Club, RS Watanabe, Advan, Wed's, Mugen... theres a few of the other companies that have rims in that size that are light weight (<12lbs)


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the classified forum

try looking on this forum, there are always alot of people one there selling spoon and other top stuff for cheap, one guy was selling spoon rims for like 900 still in the box


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what about the RacingHart CP 8R wheels. 17x7 4x100 as light as the Slipstreams (11.6-lbs) and come in three different finishes.