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well i'm currently building up my eg6 slowly but surely and the only thing i need to get for my suspension is coilovers and type-r lower control arms. next, i'm going to tackle the engine and i was wandering what i should run. I'm most likely going to get a b18c1 swap done...but i haven't ruled out a b16a swap. After i get the engine and everything done, they car will be turned practicly into an all auto-x/road course car. I was wandering if i should build the motor n/a, put a small turbo that will spool up quickly and not give me that much lag, or get a supercharger. I just wanted your guys input and advice on this subject. I'm thinking maybe supercharger but i don't know.... :ph34r:

edit: i got a ITR front sway, a-spec racing rear sway kit (planning on getting it, need to sell some stuff to get the money), energy suspension bushings, cusco pre-tension front upper strut bar... i need to find something that i can adjust the camber on my car with... i saw skunk 2 had a rear kit and maybe omni for the front???... and when i get the engine in and finished i plan on running slicks... maybe on a 15x6.5 rim....


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I cannot stress this enough if you plan to do competetive racing.

even for autox-- DL the 2005 pdf, and find the class you want to be in, knowing the competition, and build the car to the best of its limit within the legalities of the class.

just with the suspension work, you're in street prepared (DSP)
add the swap, and now you're in streed modified.

pretty much, ANYTHING GOES in street mod, as long as its a registered, street legal (ie, glass, mirrors, wipers) and full interior minus back seat.
any suspension, fender flares wheels that fit behind said flares, r-comps, $10,000 coilovers, 500 hp awd sti's and evos... and your measly gsr powered civic.

improved touring spec racing like ITS, ITA, etc have even MORE rules and even STRICTER build guidelines. proper cages, fire supression, fire suits, sfi approved harnesses, and so on... you can't just throw a street car into ITS. If yuo do, you'll loose, miserably, and get frustrated when you're getting lapped 3 laps into a 2 mile course...
get a rule book dude.