looking to get my car tune! asap!

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i am in the Ft jackson, SC area and will be about another month before i move to Atlanta, GA i am looking for a shop near to cloumbia, SC where i can get my car tuned and hooked up i have a 2000 honda civic ex with a JDM GSR i really need a tune asap please help lead me in the right direction!


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damn i guess there arent many honda guys in the SC area huh. i would like to help you but i'm not goanna be there till another 3 weeks or so. i'm in cali right now but i have a place in columbia SC and lake murry i'll be moving into then. if i am there and youre still around bring your ride over and i'll help you out. if you find someone sooner though feel free to get it done


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Word of the month for me......"Goon"
My students told me about this word. I thought it meant something close to "Goober"
.......but I guess it means something closer to "Gansta Bad Ass" lmao

Oh....and another word....."Cakes" Which is a girl with 4lbs of foundation make-up on.....lol....gross

But as for your query (a $3 word to offset the slang lol) what exactly it your current 'set up' that needs to be tuned? You may get a way with a local chip programmer for now?
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i have 2000 honda civic ex with a JDM GSR its running a lil slugish and i wanna get a hondata s300 to run it i am running a b16 ecu now since they are close in specs. its got alil lag to it and i need a new throttle cable. what you have
ricksautomotive what do u have? i leave here apr 30th so if you here by then ill check u out i actually found one place here called SCperformance its looks pretty legit they got some monster set ups there they running K's out here type-r K's .


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i should be out there by then. hopefully by apr 15th. i have a few in my car fleet. 90 integra GS, 91 accord LX, 88 prelude SI 4WS, just got a 2005 F150 crew cab, a 2002 lincoln LS, and a 82 mustang GT T-top that i rebuilt from the ground up.


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i'm guessing its running sluggish because of the b16 ecu... get the correct ecu and try again..

but here is a tuner.. not sure if its ur area though

AV Engineering
4920 Dorchester Rd. Ste B.
Charleston, SC 29418
DynoJet 224xLC

Hondata, Greddy, Apexi Systems, AEM EMS, Haltech, MoTeC, Fast, Neptune RTP. No freeware tuning offered. Mechanical Engineer/EFI University Accredited.


looked it up.. about 2.5 hrs away


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I know this is a kindof old thread, but if you have moved to Atlanta by now- maybe you should check out TDC (Top Dead Center) in alabama... Awesome shop. My CRX will be there just as soon as we get it running.

I lived in Summerville, SC for 14 years... I miss it very much! :(


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Hey does anyone know of any good honda clubs around greenville SC ? i have 2 efs and was looking for some parts and would like to do some trading around